Transition from the old to the new application process: FAQs

Version 4

    Why is this happening?

    We launched a new, streamlined and straight-forward application process in January 2015, with the goal of making it easier for businesses like yours to partner with Google. All new applicants currently apply through the new process to be a Google for Work Partner. Since you started your application using the old process, we want to give you extra time to finish your original application. However, all old applications must be completed by March 24th.

    What happens if I don’t complete the application by the deadline?

    If you do not complete your current application by March 24th, it will be purged from our system and you will need to start over with the new application process.

    What does the new application process require? 

    You will be required to have a Google Apps for Work account with a minimum of one license. If you don't already have a Google Apps for Work account, you must purchase one before applying. To qualify for the Reseller program, you must sell and deploy a minimum of 100 total paid end-user accounts. After this is completed, we initiate a credit check as the final step in the process. Upon completion of a successful credit check, we will offer you an official reseller legal agreement.

    Can I use my existing reseller domain if I start over?

    If your current reseller domain is a paid Google Apps for Work account, you may use that domain for the new application process. Otherwise you may either upgrade your current reseller domain to the paid version of Google Apps for Work or purchase a new Google Apps for Work account on a different domain.

    Can I re-register my initial deployment customers if I start over?

    No, customers can only be associated to an application one time. You will need to sell, deploy and register 100 new initial deployment licenses.
    Note: you can still eventually sell and manage Apps for your initial deployment customers, once authorized as a reseller, but those licenses will not count toward the 100 initial deployment license registration application requirement.

    What if I decide not to complete my application?

    If you are interested in continuing to share Google Apps with your customers and networks, we encourage you to join the Google Apps Referral Program. With this program, you can earn $15 for every new user you refer and share exclusive discounts with your customers.

    Note: You will not be able to earn the Referral reward on any existing customers/users. The Referral program is currently only open in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Spain, United States and United Kingdom.